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Technology at the clinic

Modern endodontic treatment requires modern equipment. Our clinic is equipped with the latest technology to allow better treatment diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment delivery.

Cone beam CT scanner

Our clinic is equipped with a 'state of the art' scanner which allows three dimensional x-rays to be taken of a tooth and supporting structures. This gives us a much more accurate picture of the condition of your tooth when compared to a conventional flat x-ray image. Read more about our CBCT scanner >>

Operating microscope

Our clinic is equipped with two operating microscopes which allows magnification and illumination of the tooth during treatment. The structures inside a tooth can be tiny and failure to clean the entire space within a tooth can lead to failure of the procedure. The microscope allows the inside of a tooth to be visualised clearly giving better treatment outcomes.

Digital Radiographs and digital tooth length measurements.

Digital x-ray systems can reduce the x-ray dose compared to conventional x-rays significantly. They also produce an image of the tooth instantly which reduces treatment times. Our digital apex locators are devices which accurately measure the length of a tooth so we can ensure that the entire space in a tooth is cleaned, without cleaning beyond the end of the tooth.

Nickel Titanium Instruments

We use extremely flexible endodontic files with specialised torque controlled endodontic motors which allows the inside of a tooth to be carefully shaped. Our files are all used only once before being replaced to ensure they are completely clean and to reduce the risk of them breaking.

Central decontamination suite

All the equipment we use is sterilised according to the highest standards in the decontamination suite within the clinic.

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