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Endodontic Micro-surgery (apicectomy)

Endodontic surgery is a method of accessing the infected part of a tooth when a conventional approach is not possible. 

Bacteria or old root canal material around the end of a root (apex) can cause chronic irritation / infection. We have a state of the art CBCT three dimensional x-ray machine which allows us to evaluate the area in great detail to plan your case thoroughly.

Working with an operating microscope allows treatment to be carried out in a controlled minimally invasive way which improves the prognosis of treatments with success rates of up-to 90%.

Treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic, however, sedation can be arranged if required, for an additional fee. After the procedure, there are small stitches placed to hold the gum back in place and these can dissolve on their own after a week. Bruising and tenderness around the area should be expected for a few days after the procedure and normal painkiller tablets you would take for a headache can be helpful in reducing any discomfort and swelling.

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